Animal Meat
In-game icon for Animal Meat
Vital statistics
Type Food and Drinks
Effects Fills 24 hunger
Source Animal Carcass
Cost to buy Unknown
Cost to sell Unknown

Animal meat is (obviously) made from animals.

Animal meat is produced from animal carcasses:

Producing Animal Meat by yourselfEdit

  • Kill an animal/citizen/player, let yourself be killed and pick up the carcass(stand near the carcass, right click to enter interaction mode, left click the carcass).
  • Open the labor menu (F10) with an animal carcass in your inventory, note that animal carcasses require one of the three larger inventory slots, or a backpack/crate in order to be stored in your personal inventory.
  • The create animal meat labor should be the one selected by default, if not, simply locate it via the drop-down list.
  • Left-Click Run while in interaction mode
  • Animal meat!

Animal Meat fills 24 hunger, an Animal Carcass fills 31. This may vary by Tech Level and Quality

However, Animal Meat only takes a single slot.

Producing Animal Meat by FarmingEdit

At the time of day the farm produces an animal, one of the two possible herbivore species is selected at random. A 3D representation of the domesticated animal appears on the farm.

The farm can breed a herd of two living animals. When one domestic animal is already present on a farm, the next animal produced will be the same specie as the existing animal, except that it will be the opposite gender.

When two domestic animals are present on a farm, living 3D animals stop appearing there. Subsequent animals produced by the farm are slaughtered immediately and animal commodities are added to the city's inventory insteadA farm will not produce animals or animal byproducts until a living animal is present at the farm. If an animal cannot be domesticated from the local environment, a herbivore must be transported to the farm from elsewhere. Farms in harsh environments cannot domesticate animals from the local environment.

A farm producing animals can be used to populate other farms. The first animal enables the animal farm to produce a second animal. After the second animal appears, take one animal from the farm. The farm will produce another.

Once the animal commodities are in the cities inventory you can start slaughtering them at Meat Processing Plant. (you can select various products to make such as food or leather here)

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