The broker is used in conjunction with the airport terminal to facilitate trade between cities and planets. The amount of goods imported are determined by how many levels of broker are in a given city.[1]. The broker will also allow you to buy any goods in your city inventory.

    • Broker - Imports everything.
    • Cantina, Grocery, Retail Store - Import what they sell.

    The city imports once every 6 minutes. Each type of building takes a turn at importing stuff. The number of levels of each building determines what % of the other city's stuff it imports.

    • Broker - 2% per level of broker in the city, max 80%.
    • Grocery - 1% per level of grocery in the city, max 40%.
    • Retail - 1% per level of retail in the city, max 40%.
    • Cantina - .5% + .5% per level of cantina in the city, max 20%.

    Each building type imports from every connected city. Connection type determines amount.

    • Space - Import % divided by 4, min 1.
    • Air - Import % divided by 3, min 1.
    • Water - Import % divided by 2, min 1.
    • Land - Import %.

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