Construction menu

The construction menu, with Farm selected

Buildings are essential to getting your city up and running. Every building in Shores of Hazeron can be built using either logs, lumber, stones, metal, vulcium or magmium. Some buildings may even allow you to build additional levels depending on the material used. Logs will generally only allow you to build one or two levels, lumber will allow you to build up to four levels, stone up to 8 and so on, ending with vulcium which allows you to build up to 32 levels high.

To increase the amount of levels you wish to build, simply scroll the mouse wheel before placing the building and a number on your mouse pointer will show how many levels will be built. Should you choose to build only a single level of a building at first, it can be expanded later on up to the maximum allowed by the construction material chosen by simply placing another of the same type of building on top of it.

Before constructing a building, you are able to see what materials are required to construct it, as well as which resources said building can produce. You may also choose which resource the building should start producing, or if it should actually produce anything at all. Note that factories and other resource-gathering buildings set to do nothing are useless, and as such they should always be producing something.

Government & MilitaryEdit


Roads are needed to place any kind of building, with one exception: the town square.

Food & DrinkEdit


Power PlantsEdit


Tools & WeaponsEdit



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