The comm window is an improtant part of Shores of Hazeron and is accesed by pressing F3 at any time while playing. The comm window is split up into several tabs that represent different chat channels within the game. As well as having the necessary buttons to facilitate a wide range of actions from buying items to ordering fleet movements.

Main Comm channelsEdit

Trade - this channel is used to query players, cities, and space stations on items they might have for sale. You are only able to query for items from cities when you are standing on a Cantina, Grocery, Retail Store or Broker. Only the broker in a city is able to sell you all of a cities items. The others are a bit more specific in what they sell.

Voice - this channel displays chat from players nearby using the voice channel as well as the starting npc.

Hail - this channel is the main means of chatting between players in game.

Intercom - when on a ship or spacestation the intercom can be used to issue orders quickly and efficiently

Log - the log channel displays data relating to attacks made by and against the player.

Fleet - the fleet channel is used to issue orders to all ships under your control.

Comm buttonsEdit

Range - This is a set of 5 options used to determine how far you want to broadcast any message you send out. It can be set to close range, hail range, system range, sector range or galaxy range. The majority of actions will only require you to be in the system / sector range. However, talking to other players is usually done galaxy wide. Unless you are only wanting to talk to players in your area.

Hail - causes all cities / spacecraft within the area of effect to open up a new tab in your comm window.

Spacecraft Mission Order - allows you to give commands to ships that access your current channel. This should mainly be used on the fleet / intercom channel and for the channels of individual ships unless you want all the ships in the area to do the same thing. You are only able to add multiple orders if there is an officer on board. If not then commands should be issued as a new order to ensure that they are done.

Request Transporter Beam - requests a transport beam from players / ships in the current channel. Again mainly used on the fleet channel and individual ship channels to request a teleport from an npc

The following commands are only usable in the trade channel. Although you will broadcast the commands on other channels if your not careful, they will not have any effect.

Inventory of City - Causes all cities in range to open a new tab displaying their inventory. Unless they already have a tab open in which case it will be displayed there.

Request Repairs - similar to trading but you will be trading for repair of your ship. Subsidised ships do not have to pay for this privilege

Load Crew, Passengers or Troops - allows you to fill up empty berths on your ship from the planet you are landed on, requires a landing square

Unload Crew, passengers or Troops - the reverse of the above.

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