== Starting World ==


When expanding a city that has citizens a method to make planning the layout and expanding the city's border more easily is to place dirt roads around the perimeter of the city.

Since dirt roads take no resources and only 1 labour they can be constructed by citizens (or yourself) quickly and easily.

Example of usage:

  1. Build dirt roads outward from your city, avoiding resource nodes you wish to use
  1. Delete roads on which you wish to place a construction
  1. Buildings can now be created in the space where the road was deleted
  1. Buildings that require slabs can have the road type converted to slab instantly

NOTE: Building a roads over rocks and trees will reduce the ability to mine stone from that tile and remove the ability to place a logging camp.

  • If you wish for a building such as a mine to be built level and not on an incline, place a slab or non-dirt crossing on the area before construction
  • Roads can have their direction changed by placing a road of the same type on-top of the existing road.

Building LayoutEdit

Since you and any players that join you will start out on the town square it's a good idea to place highly used buildings close to it.

Buildings that produce vehicles and sell items such as the grocery and retail store should be closest. Buildings that produce high

cost products such as an Armorer producing environmental suits should be placed clost and have labor turned off to prevent it from

draining your plastics supply. Universities need to be adjusted according to what type of research you wish to do. They can also

drain your treasury easily if left running so controlling them is necesscary.

Examples of highly used buildings:Edit

  • Universities
  • Aircraft Factory
  • Spacecraft Factory
  • Vehicle Factory
  • Airport Repair Shop
  • Armorer
  • Grocery Store
  • Retail Store
  • Design studio

Production facilities which may require tweaking

Medium use buildings:Edit

Production facilities

Houses, Churches, Casinos and most residential related buildings should be placed as far to the outskirts as possible as the only factor

in building placement is the presence of a resource and the usefulness to the player. The mentioned buildings have no direct use so should

be placed out of the way. Resource buildings that have little need for intervention such as mines and electricity should be placed away aswell.

Low use buildings:Edit

Most Housing and commercial

Resource facilities


In order to make the most of the space you have, it's possible to tear down some buildings and reconstruct them using better materials for an

increased use for space. An example of this would be Apartments, able to only go up to 8 stories with stone, this is increased up to a maximum

of 32 by using materials such as metal, magmium and vulcium

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