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The engineer station controls the power plant, the gravity drive , and the wormhole drive of the spacecraft . When a spacecraft has no wormhole drive, the wormhole drive controls are inoperative. The engineer station is divided into three sections by red lines. The bottom left section contains power plant controls. The top left section contains gravity drive controls. The right section contains wormhole drive controls.

The hydrogen fuel level is shown at the upper left of the power plant section as a bright blue bar. The color of the bar changes to yellow or red at low fuel levels.

The electricity level in the capacitor is shown as a horizontal bar at the upper right of the power plant section. The bar is colored bright green when the capacitor is charging. The bar is colored red when the capacitor is discharging. The bar is colored amber when the capacitor is neither charging nor discharging.

A spacecraft equipped with a wormhole drive shows a purple bar under the capacitor level bar. The purple bar shows the amount of capacitor power consumed when the wormhole drive is activated.

The power switch to turn the power plant on and off is at the right of the power plant section. An indicator light above the switch shows green when the power plant is turned on. While the power plant is on, hydrogen fuel is converted to electricity as needed to keep the capacitor full. Fuel is burned as needed; fuel is only burned to restore power that is used from the capacitor.

A large graph fills the lower left of the power plant section. This graph indicates fuel burn efficiency. Fuel produces the most electricity per unit when the red line is closer to the blue center line. The position of the red line wanders when left unattended. The blue up and down arrows control the position of the graph line. A character's engineering skill level determines the amount of time before the setting begins to wander. When adjusted by a highly skilled engineer, the adjustment holds its setting for a longer period of time.

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