An environment helmet in a player's inventory.

The environment suit helmet is the helmet for the Enviroment suit.

This helmet is needed in order to be able to breath on worlds where the atmosphere is not breathable (Frigid worlds, Inferno worlds, moons, and even certain types of habitable worlds).

It can have it's visor opened or closed by double-clicking the item in the inventory.

It is made at an Armorer.

The helmet is built using the following materials:

  • Electricity
  • Electronic parts X 3
  • Plastics X 3
  • Textiles X 2
  • Fitting wrench
  • Glue gun
  • Sewing needle
  • Soldering iron

Damage warning: 

The helmets currently seem to take damage from insidious atmospheres without giving you any notification. They will eventually break and you will suffocate or die by whatever other effect the atmosphere currently has.  

I presume a higher QL/TL suit will either last longer or negate the damaging effects completely (Unverified 05/01/14). 


When worn, the helmet makes the player emit (locally) a breathing sound, this sound can get annoying after a while and there are currently two solutions:

  • Open the visor
  • Replace the sfx sound (BreathingInMask.wav) by an empty one (untested - backup first)

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