Q: Are there any rules for pvp between players? (IE do I have declare war or can I kill low level/rank players)

A: There are no formal rules for PVP, empires which do not have a town square are according to the manual not pvp enabled.

Q: Is there friendly fire?

A: Yes.

Q: How do you attack a planet or city and capture/destroy it?

A: With a ship loaded with troops, capture any defense bases there might be in the city or cities on the planet by killing the troops stationed at it, and stand near the flag for awhile, then do the same for the town square.

Q: How do you defend a planet or city?

A: Have bases (better once they're actually working) with troops in the city, and likely some ships either patrolling the system or defending certain places, like the city.

Q: How do you defend a planet or city while your not online?

A: Troops can be given patrol orders and you can set an enemy list.

Q: Is it possible to do very evil things like alter the temperature of a planet or irradiate it to make it uninhabitable rather than waging a war on it?

A: No.

Q: How are players alerted of PvP? *such as empire 'A' shot one of my citizens? or a player character?

A: By mail.

Q. How are players alerted of other hostile actions such as someone trying to conquer or annihilate an outpost.

A: By mail.


Q: Are there Non-Aggression Pacts or other diplomacy options that players can pick, so players know not to attack them? Is this enforced by the game?

A: There is in game mechanic for this yet but players can come to agreements.


Q: I'm stuck, what do i do?

A: Most of the times, recall can assist you. If all else fails, have a friend come to you and kill you, try to relog (IE, logging out and back in), or wait and see if it goes away (Lag example). It could also be the dreaded LSD, which is also known as Limbo. You would need to wait for a reboot should that happen.

Q: I'm stuck on the loading screen, what do i do?

A: There can be a few possible errors pertaining this. One, there could be a loading problem which happens every now and then, which fails to load your solar system. Two, loading can take a long time at some points, so it's best to wait a few minutes and see. Three, theres a chance everyone may be in limbo, or the servers shutdown during your load. Should you be stuck on the loading screen.

Q: Whenever I load any of my characters and get into Hazeron, the ground doesn't show. How can I fix this?

A: Its your graphics card on your computer. Likely an intergrated IMB graphics system. Simple solution use a diffirent computer.

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