Symbolic and tangible. The wise emperor never gets caught in the wilderness without a flag. Can be handcrafted from resources available in most habitable environments.


Used with the construction of Town squares and Military Bases

Flags are placed on planets to create a town square, as well as used to create military bases.

How to build a flagEdit

There are 3 ways to build flags

Plant fiberEdit

The most common way to build a flag is with plant fiber.

  1. First, gather the following: 1 log, 1 plant fiber.
  2. Next, use the handcrafting window (F10) to create a Sewing Needle from the log.
  3. Now, use the handcrafting window to create a Flag from the plant fiber using the sewing needle.


The other method is to use leather.

  1. First, you need to kill an animal. Targoss will work just fine, and may even drop clothes for you.
  2. Next, switch to your knife in skinning mode by scrolling until you see a knife with a picture of meat next to it.
  3. Now, hit the carcass with the knife. It should create Leather and Animal meat. Pick up the leather, do as you please with the meat.
  4. Now follow the same steps as for plant fiber, substituting it with leather.


The preferred method to create a flag is using a factory, although obviously this won't work for a new empire.

  1. Build a farm harvesting plant fiber, or build a farm harvesting animal carcasses and a meat processing plant creating leather. The choice is yours. You will also need a logging camp.
  2. Build a textile mill making textiles from your choice of material, as well as a carpenter making sewing needles.
  3. Build a clothing factory and instruct it to create flags.
  4. You can now buy flags from either the clothing factory, or a retail store.

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