Shores of Hazeron is an immensely huge and enjoyable game, this page will describe how to get started.

Getting The Game Edit

Getting the game is simple. Sign up for an account by clicking the login accounts link on the homepage then visit the software downloads link, read through what you want (or just click the download page link) and log in with your account.

On the download page, you'll see a few links. Currently the page has download links for Microsoft Windows, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Ubuntu 10.04. An unofficial Arch Linux package is available here. Download and extract or install (whichever method your OS' package uses) and if you're using Microsoft Windows, install the latest patch. At the bottom of the downloads page are links to installation and removal instructions.

If you are using GNU/Linux distribution, make sure you have OpenAL installed and libpng12.

Beginning The Game Edit

A simple way to begin the game is to create a character of an existing empire and open the game manual. Shores of Hazeron Game Manual

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