Gravity Well 6Edit

Recently, Haxus released his new game, Gravity Well 6. He said this on his website and provided a link to the website for his new game, It has elements from Hazeron and involves scenarios which encourage the players to colonize every habitable planet within the sector which is where the game is based in.

There is an offline and online mode, and each different scenario has different play elements, such as Armageddon involving planet-destroying asteroids constantly harassing the players' cities in a Free-for-all battle setting while Empire vs Empire involves two empires attempting to take control of every habitable planet in the sector. 

There are many systems per sector, and offline mode picks a random scenario to place the player in. 

Note: Haxus said he may be bringing Hazeron back in a few weeks. Information at

Note: Hazeron is back,

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