Max speed in Atmosphere: ~70 mph at 300 meters

Fuel Tank: 25 units

Fuel Type: Gasoline

Currently does not behave correctly (improper flight, can enter space,etc).

To pilot a helicopter presently you use the acceleration controls and turn to face the direction you want to go. One advantage for helicopters in planets with atmospheres is their speed cap, which prevents them from going too fast and being destroyed (unless you take them into space and then ram an atmosphere at sufficiently high speed). It is possible to pilot a helicopter into space, fly to another planet in the same system, and land on it safely, even if said world has a corrosive atmosphere (The helicopter takes minor amounts of damage from corrosive atmospheres, and is in more danger of sliding into the sea after landing, or running out of gas, than of being destroyed by corrosion). Helicopters lack gravity engines, are affected by gravity, and have no brakes in space, requiring the pilot (you) to face towards or away from the angle at which you wish to apply thrust, and turn on the acceleration (either forward or reverse) in order to slow them down or speed them up. They are more challenging to pilot in space than rockets, and run out of fuel faster. They are, however, much more Fun.


Helicopter Inside Cockpit

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