Morale decides whether a city gains or loses citizens. It ranges from -20 to +20. Every city cycle, all the morale bonuses and penalties are added together, and the total morale is increased and decreased by this amount. Every morale point above 0 causes 1 citizen to immigrate to the city. Conversely, every morale point under 0 causes 1 citizen to emigrate from the city. Cities in harsh environments immigrate and emigrate only at half the normal rate.

Morale modifiersEdit

From To Name Note
-2 0 Lack of fire stations, police stations, hospitals, zoos, parks, arenas, universities or retail stores Separate morale hit for each building type.
0 2 Food variety

Increases as you have more different foods available for consumption, depending on how many different foods are edible by your race's DNA:

Onmivores: +1 at 4 and another +1 at 8 types of food.

Herbivores: +1 at (?) and another +1 at (?) types of food.

Carnivores: +1 at (?) and another +1 at (?) types of food.

Scavengers: +1 at (?) and another +1 at (?) types of food.

0 2 Loyalty bonus Increases at 50% and 100% loyalty.
-1 0 Harsh environment
-4(?) 0 Unemployment Gets worse every 25% or 20% unemployed.
-10 0 Homeless citizens Gets worse every 10%(?) homeless.
-1 0 Cramped living conditions Occurs when you have the number of apartments exceeding other types of homes. A common way to fix this is to use condominiums.
-2 2 Cantinas Liquor bonus with Cantina gives +2 morale total
-2 2 Churches
0 1 Liquor bonus Included in cantina bonus if built.
-infinity 0 Overpopulation Gets worse every 5% more citizens than the planet can support.
-6 0 No air and/or power in harsh environment -4 when the colony lacks one of the resources, -6 if both.
-infinity 0 Too many bases Occurs when you build too many Laser Towers, Missile Bases, and Shield Generators (in total). You may have up to one base per 150 population before this penalty kicks in. Penalty is -1 per base more than population/150.
-10 2 Taxes From +2 at no taxes to -10 at 100% tax. Can be applied multiple times depending on the individual tax levels.

Building capacitiesEdit

The following are rough estimates:

Name Citizens
Arena 270
Cantina 50
Church 50
Fire station 40
Hospital 75
Park 100
Police station 70
Retail store 60
University 70
Zoo 230

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