Navigator Station
Navigator Station

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The Navigation station is used to navigate your ship around the universe. To use it manually you need to zoom in on the planet or wormhole using the slide bar on the right side of navigation council and "click" on it with the "hand" cursor, that will create a blue box around the selected body which makes it a "waypoint" to activate the waypoint(get your ship to move to it) you need to click on the orangish line located in the lower left on right side of navigation council, then your ship will automatically go there if you have a full crew. Your crew members(if you have a full crew with engineer station and helm, with you running the navigation station) will do their tasks automatically, the helmsman will go to the waypoint and if its a wormhole you have chosen then the engineer will select the proper polarity and time for the wormhole entrance. To enter the navigation station use e for enter or if you have a captains chair and you have a crew member already at the navigation station then use alt+n to acess the station, while you are in the captains chair.

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