This page show the latest updates for the game.


This patch was a major overhaul to attempt to ease the oh so painful lag. Most people are reporting that this has not succeeded, lag does still show up.

This patch required an update to the client.


The only things known for certain about this patch so far are:

Wormhole and spawn code has undergone a large change, hopefully meaning far less time staring at the swirly star loading screen.

This is server side only, no download is needed.


Since it's been a few days and there's still no change log, here are the changes that have been noticed so far:

The main goal of this patch was supposed to be login timeouts being fixed.

Wormhole texture has been updated.

It's possible that lag has been eased some, although this is not for certain.

Wormhole crashing appears to be reduced, but wormhole times themselves are longer than ever.

Defense bases are taking on solidity.


Join Empire Incorrectly Says The Empire Has No Cities Fixed a bug that reported 'no empire cities' when joining an empire with cities but no capital city.
Join Empire Immigration Policy Bug Fixed a bug that allowed joining an empire with a non-open immigration policy but prevented joining an empire with an open policy.
Mission Orders Buy/Sell Limit Reported Wrong Fixed a bug that did not report 'pay any price' or 'accept any offer' properly on buy/sell mission orders.
New Player Joins Game and Crashes Server Fixed a bug that caused random server crashes when a new player logged in for the first time, whether they were starting a new empire or joining an existing empire. Various actions, such as pushing the 'Jobs' button, caused the server to crash. Everything was fine when they logged back in.
Subterranean Creatures Block Vehicle/Spacecraft Spawn Fixed an oversight that allowed subterranean creatures to block the spawning of vehicles and spacecraft if the creature was under the ground at the spawn pad.
AI Officer Won't Purchase Fuel Fixed.
Base Models Appear Before Construction is Complete Fixed.
Comm Range Buttons vs Slider Comm channel range is now selected with a row of radio buttons instead of a slider control. The slider was too cumbersome.
Captain's Logs from Officers Not Consistently Sent - Intermittent at Best Fixed.
Built Town Square And Terrain Buried Rocket And Crate Fixed.
Defense Base Model Sideways On Ringworld Fixed.
Game Start - Enter Empire Name and UI Jumps Around, Loses First Character Typed Fixed.
Master Server Crashes on Thursday Afternoon Fixed a bug in the code that tallied votes for republics and theocracies on thursday afternoon.
Ship Vaporized on Wormhole Exit Fixed a bug that caused ships to be vaporized going through a wormhole, claiming incorrect drive polarity, even though it was right.
Hover and Land Orders Won't Accept Degree Symbol Fixed the long/lat parser to accept degree symbols when entering latitude and longitude on Hover and Land mission orders. This was a problem when copying/pasting the location of a city from it's city report.
Client Crashes Going Through Wormholes Fixed several bugs contributing to these crashes. Pretty stable now but still slow sometimes.
Clothing Visible on All Skin Types All skin types should now appear to be wearing clothes when they have them on. Previously, only the dry skin (human/pig type) showed clothes.
Flag Placement on Laser Tower Base Wrong Positioned the flag properly on the pole at the Laser Tower base. Now that a bunch of crash bugs are fixed, I'll get back to finishing up the defense bases. They are sooo close to being functional.


Hit Effect on Shield When a ship with shields is hit, the shield now shows a hit effect on the shield bubble.
Admin Teleport Into Design Studio Admin teleport into a design studio should work properly now.
Banks Not Dispensing Rewards Fixed
Dialogs Overdrawn By Primary View This was due to inadequate support in Windows XP for transparent dialogs. Changed settings to prevent setting transparency on Windows XP.
Friend Messages From Neutrals To receive Friend channel messages, both empires' political stances toward each other must be at least Friend. Previously, only the sender's stance toward the receiver needed to be Friend.
Your Funds Blank on Spacecraft Governance Page Fixed. Was blank when you were not aboard a spacecraft. Now your funds are shown all the time.
Laser Tower Base Model Missing It's back now. They're still not functional but some really nasty bugs needed to be fixed first. Now work will resume to bring the bases on line.
MCPO Rank Icon Missing Fixed
New Ships Hull Doors Locked Hull doors of "new" ships are now locked to neutral and enemy units. Previously, they were only locked to enemy units.
Head/Helmet Rendering Not Affected By Fog Fixed
Sales Tax Revenue Seems Low Fixed two different bugs here. One was using the income tax rate when calculating sales tax. The other was overlooking sales tax earned when citizens spend the money they earn by working.
Comm Messages UI Lag Fixed We determined that a large amount of the lag from chat messages was due to the time taken to add them to the user interface table control. This code was changed to cache/queue messages in a way that they don't flood the comm channels all at once. This should help a lot.
Zero-Hit Attack Messages Eliminated Messages reporting 0 hits of damage on you or your target are no longer sent to the client. You will only receive hit messages that actually cause damage, not those absorbed by the enemy's shield or hull. This reduces the comm chat traffic significantly.
Top-Down View Plant Resources Wrong Plant resources were not displayed properly in terrain tiles where there were only trees but no shrubs.
Transporter - No Lock On New Enemy or Neutral Ships Transporter console no longer allows lock-on to "new" enemy or neutral spacecraft. Previously, only new enemy ships were not shown on the transporter console.
Cargo Interface Bug The interface to transfer cargo to/from your personal inventory only distinguished items by commodity type and quality, not by tech level. This introduced a problem when trying to transfer items when multiple tech levels of the same item and quality existed in the inventory.
Attack Message When Damaged By Wormhole AI controlled spacecraft were erroneously reporting attack by enemy when they hit a wormhole at a bad angle and took damage. They no longer broadcast an enemy attack message when this happens.
Spacecraft and Vehicles Won't Spawn Sometimes Fixed a problem that prevented vehicles and spacecraft from spawning when a player was on the spawn pad who was not on line.
AI Officers Wandering in Deep Space AI ships were wandering off into deep space as if they were dead-heading somewhere. I think this was caused by a change to the wormhole approach logic in a recent server update. This may be fixed. Alert me if you're still seeing any problems here.
Wormhole Drive Surface Effect on Spacecraft Spacecraft now show a surface effect when the wormhole drive is hot and ready. This is the effect that was previously used for shields.
Captain's Log From Officers Intermittent, Unpredictable Schedule Fixed. Also fixed a similar bug that affected solar system dormancy.

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