Pirates are the jackals of the universe, preying upon the weak at the fringes of civilization. Pirates play a vital role in cleaning up neglected and abandoned empires.

Pirates are members of one of fifteen designated pirate empires. They always take an enemy stance toward unknown empires, including each other.

  1. Akson
  2. Balorite
  3. Dendrae
  4. Haxu
  5. Kla'Tra
  6. Malacon
  7. Myntaka
  8. Ogar
  9. Otari
  10. Seledon
  11. Syth
  12. Tassad
  13. Vilmorti
  14. Vreen
  15. Zuul

Pirate Station Encounters A pirate infestation begins with a pirate station. A tech level one pirate station spawns somewhere in the solar system. Pirate stations may spawn orbiting gas giants, planets, moons, ringworlds, rings or suns; they may also spawn at the margin of deep space. Pirate stations do not spawn at worlds with any cities and they do not spawn at worlds with any non-pirate units in orbit.

Pirate station encounters occur in solar systems that have not been visited by a person online within the past 24 hours.

Pirate station encounters are triggered by the presense of a spacecraft commanded by an AI officer. An AI officer in command of a station does not trigger pirate station encounters. Players do not trigger pirate station encounters; pirate station encounters are triggered by AI officers in command of a ship.

Pirate stations are upgraded over time. After it exists for one full day, a pirate station is replaced by a station that is one tech level higher. This occurs each day until the pirate station has been upgraded to the maximum tech level of 32. After reaching it's maximum tech level, a pirate station will remain for one week.

Multiple pirate stations may spawn in the same solar system. Each subsequent station spawns at tech level one and proceeds through the daily upgrade cycle, regardless of the tech level of other pirate stations already present. The maximum number of pirate stations that spawn in a system simultaneously is determined by the tech level of the ship that triggers the pirate station encounter.

Multiple pirate stations in the same system will be members of the same pirate empire. Pirate

Ship Encounters

Pirate ships spawn near a pirate station. Their tech level is from 1/2 the tech level of the pirate station up to one tech level higher than the pirate station.

Pirate ship encounters occur after one or more pirate stations exist in a solar system.

Pirate ship encounters are triggered by the presense of a spacecraft commanded by an AI officer or containing a person online. Ships and stations trigger pirate ship encounters.

The number of pirate ships that spawn in a pack is determined by the tech level of the pirate station, up to a pack size of eight ships.

Pirate ships will be members of the same pirate empire as the pirate station at which they spawn.

Pirates will use designs for their current tech level from the Database of all published and read only designs, And spawn with the plunder objective with any ships in the system.

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