Resources are the foundation of Hazeron. Everything is created from or utilizes resources in some way. Resources can range from simple gathered resources such as Stone or Log to fabricated items such as Weapons or Tools. The more complex the item or facility, the more resources it requires.

Every resource in the game has a certain quality, ranging between 1 and 255. The quality level, or QL, when applied to resources used in building (such as stone, electronic parts etc.), determines the success rate when fetching said resources from the city's inventory, the cost of the item when buying or selling it, and the average quality level of items created using that resource. In the case of resources that are not normally consumed during the building process, such as hammers, shovels and soldering irons, it also determines the risk of said resource breaking.

Resources also have a tech level - TL for short - corresponding to the tech level of the building they were created in. Advanced starship designs may only be built using higher TL resources. The max TL of a resource is found by the formula ((QL/8) + 1), rounded down (QL 1 thru 7 is TL 1, etc).

Also note that some of these resources may be used in several different ways. For example, even though the hammer is listed under Tools, it may also be wielded as a weapon.

Food and DrinksEdit

These can be eaten by the player to refill the hunger meter, and thus avoid starving to death. Food is needed to grow a successful city.

Raw MaterialsEdit

These are generally used when constructing buildings or other resources.

Environmental FactorsEdit

These resources cannot be possessed, but they simply exist on a planet with the right conditions. For example, Magma as well as Inferno Atmosphere is found only on planets in the inferno zone, while Atmospheric Density is found only on planets, not on moons.



Note: Mine machinery, tanks, naval and commercial ships, and the various aircraft are not yet implemented.


Some of these, most notably the Bomb and Dynamite, may be used to construct bigger weapons, such as Rockets or Missiles. Each weapon has its own damage type.


Some buildings may require a certain tool to produce some resources. This is shown in the Labor window with an icon of the tool, and the text "required" next to it. Make sure to always have a stockpile of extra tools in your city inventory, especially if they are of poor quality as they may break more often.

Clothing and ArmourEdit

Manufactured GoodsEdit

These resources are manufactured in the various factories the player can build (with the exception of fertilizer, which is manufactured at a farm). Most of them are also used to develop other resources, or used by buildings in the same way tools are.

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