Shields are the primary defense system for spaceships in hazeron. Once activated, they produce a large blue bubble around the ship and protect that vessel from energy and missile attacks. They also prevent tractor beam (not yet implemented) and transporter beams from affecting the ship.

Each unit placed within the shield room provides 342e of protection for the entire ship, then is divided into 6 sections for each 'side' of the bubble to 57e (at TL4). Shield units weigh 1350kg each.

All attacks are completely absorbed by that specific side until the damage exceeds the absorption, and is then projected onto the hull itself. Shields can be diverted from other parts of the ship to restore that particular section, however AI crewmembers simply balance out the 6 sides until there is no shield energy remaining. Shields are hardened against attacks like hull armor is, so level 10 armor will apply its resistance to the shield as well.

Shield regeneration is currently at a fixed rate. Low power shields recharge rather quickly, within the range of 1-5m for 5k per side. However massive shielding (100k per side) can take upto 30m to fully charge, leading to the belief that regeneration is not improved with TL. Regardless, each shield unit draws a moderate amount of power while it charges, so caution should be used on ships with weapon bays in combat.

(Currently it is very difficult to fill in this article without solid information from haxus on regeneration rate and a numerical display for shield energy)

They require cryo heat sinks and TL 4

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