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Welcome to Shores of Hazeron Wiki

Shores of Hazeron wiki is a collaborative effort to provide everything you could ever need to know about Shores of Hazeron, the revolutionary space empire MMO by Software Engineering, Inc.

You will find help about various themes around Shores of Hazeron, furthermore you can publish stories and information about your race, your empire and your alliance.

We hope you enjoy your visit on this Wiki

Do you know ...

more information about scanning and the new Resources ...

Shores of Hazeron - Wiki News

  • The Shores of Hazeron Wikipedia is currently bein updated.
  • We welcome contributors on this Wiki. If you want to help you may take a look at this forum post


Help on Shores of Hazeron Wiki?

You need help on SOH-Wiki, look here.

Wiki Contribution

Every registred user is allowed to contribute to the SOH Wiki. All you need is some time, knowledge and something you want to share with others. Furthermore there are many pages waiting for content or a fix. You can find those pages via Stub.
Helpfull links about Contribution can be found here

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