Use the scroll wheel to build more than one level on a building at a time

When you create a new character in a new empire you are started on a shiny new home world in your own starting system. According to the manual you are not attackable by other players and all creatures ignore you. Your general goal at this point in the game is to survive. You will be given a new player tutorial and a torch. After this short tutorial explore around, I like to stick to beach’s as running through thick forest is annoying. Tradition WASD keys move you forward back left and right respectively

First thing you will want to do is hunt for food.

Find the nearest creature that is about medium to large size (something about the size of a dog and higher). If you don’t see anything around press the backspace key (its above the slash) this gives you a better top down view.

When you find a creature switch your knife using the scroll wheel, you will notice two instances of the knife a skinning tool and a hunting tool you want the hunting tool. Walk up the creature and stab it by left click the mouse and pointing at it. DO not worries about dyeing it will ignore you.

After the creature dies it will change to a corpse, switch back to the skinning knife and take a swing at the corpse it will change to a piece of leather and meat. Right click your mouse to work with the interactive tool and pick up the meat and leather. You should be getting full on inventory at this point so you have two choices, go right for a flag and start a city or build some backpacks. I usually go for backpacks.

Walk over to the nearest tree where the tree trunk connects to the ground, aim at the base, right click then left click the trunk you should pick up a log. Next press F10 in the drop down menu select sowing needle and click to craft. Now select backpack using leather and click craft.

Congratulations you now have a back and can carry more, you could of gone for a flag but it is a pain not being able to carry much.

Next hunt down two more animals make one additional backpack and then use the drop down menu in the labor (F10) menu to make textiles out of leather). Next select build a flag.

Now that you have a flag you can build a city (WARNING: animals will stop ignoring you at this point). There is not much else to do at this point so I would not really bother doing it, simply look around for a good starting point. Generally you want stone, minerals, water, oil, radioactives, natural gas, lots and lots and lots of ore, and Crystals.

Click on the construction menu (looks like a bulldozer on the left menu) select the government tab (you should see a flag) and place your town center, finding resources is easier in the top down view (backspace). Once you find a spot, build the town, I like to stay in top down view most of the time to plan my city and switch to fps to defend myself against critters.

At this point how you build your city is up to you but you will want a few base things. Using the top down view find some stone or find it lying on the ground.

First build some roads everything has to be connected by roads, at the end of the road Build a mine here and build up about 100 to 200 stone, you can build more than one level of the mine to make this go faster. To build the mine select it form the resources menu in the construction window the mine, click to place it, walk over press f10 and than work (or fetch to bring any resources it requires but it doesn’t require any resources) Once you have this done build a house (4 levels) (to build more than one level simply build another building of the same name in the same tile). Now you will get citizens walking around. Now for food for your citizens. roads Build 2 farms from your menu a fruit and a vegetable farm (you may want more options for the food type bonus) build 2 levels on each farm. Your citizens will alternate between working the farms and working the mines. At this point you want to build a 2 level well. And start gathering water to work the farm irrigation. At this point you will want ore, find some ore and build a max level mine, than build at least a 2 level smelter. At this point you will want more houses or an apartment building which supports more people (level 2 smelter 2 labor, level 2 mine 2 labor, level 2 mine 2 labor, 2 level 2 farms 4 labor, 2 level 2 wells 4 labor = 16 labor and 8 people). You will want to level 4 homes or one level 8 apartments (16 if you want to build it out of metal). You may require tools at this point in the game they can be made from the machine shop or you can make them yourself in the f10 labor screen (which is more efficient at this point in the game). Ok now that you have some people up build a power plant, as tempting as it is to start with a nuclear plant you need electronics which needs electricity to make. So start will an oil, coal or hydroelectric plant.

Now that you have power citizens will work at night, at this point people will start to require police fire and other stuff keep an eye on that in your mail reports. Your next goal should be a capital so your friends can join you and a rocket ship to get to the moon (so you can get specific resources for gravity and worm hole drives) . I suggest building the buildings and working backwards on what they require to build. I suggest that you build a tool shop at max levels and start building a multitude of tools such as fitting wrenches, mechanical parts, soldering irons, glue guns, shovels, hammers. You will want a two level armor as well to make environmental suits and helms. I would upgrade all mines to max level and the smelter to max level, you may also want several more mines enough to support 2 fully upgraded smelters and have left over’s (this will be about the manufacturing level you will need at this point.

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