F2 Fighter Side

TL Requirement: None

TL Bonus: Armor and Weapon damage: 5% / TL

Armor: 50

Mass: 12 000 kg

(no armor vs certain things: Poison being one of them)

F2 Space Fighter Top


HP: 600

Max speed in atmosphere:

  • ~250mph at 300 meters - 90% throttle (300mph safe limit) 100%: 325
  • ~450mph at 1200 meters - 90% throttle (500 mph safe limit) 100%: 600

100% destroys the ship after about 3 seconds (longer than F1 lasts)

Fuel Capacity: 45

Fuel Type: Hydrogen

Weapon: (Heat) Twin Laser

Range: 700 meters

Travel Speed: Instant (range attacks are not fully implemented)

Damage: 70-275 (13), 175-375 (25) (need to find base)

Shots per second: ~8

Note: Spaceships begin to become practically impervious to fighers at armor level 3, unless the fighter is also teched up. At equivalent levels the fighter should barely be able to scratch the armor, and armor level 4 at equivalent levels the figher cannot damage the spacecraft.

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