Spaceports are, in the science fiction sense, floating space stations that allow ships to dock to them.

In Shores of Hazeron, spaceports are essentially spacecraft with limited amounts of gravity drives to accelerate them. This means that they are slow enough for the game to classify them as stations and thus they are allowed for ships to dock to them and for the stations to pool the resources of cities in the solar system for purchase.

Spaceports can be broken down into three main functions and specializations:

1. Planet Defense: Spaceports can be the first line of defense for a planet using turrets and troops and an escort of ships to defend a sector.

2. Trade: Spaceports can be used as a trade hub for large ships that can't land, or to avoid the cluttering of cities with landing pads (or risk of infection to the local population).

3. Dock: Spaceports allow large ships and large numbers of ships to dock in space which makes it easier to keep track of a fleet and repair and resupply it accordingly.

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