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Technological advancement in Hazeron is a linear progression of tech levels, which automatically open up possibilities to harvest advanced resources, and to manufacture advanced equipment and ships.

"Tech Level" is commonly abbreviated to "TL".

TL Resource Equipment
2 Sensor stations and sensors.
4 Cryozine Cryo heat sinks: Ship weapons and shields, all power armour
7 Ioplasma Io tubes: Ship transporters and hull openings
10 Magmex Magmium: Tall buildings, magmium power armour
19 Vulcanite Vulcium: Super-tall buildings, vulcium power armour, knives

To utilize a resource at each TL, the QL of the material should follow this formula:

Maximum TL = Floor(QL / 8) + 1

Therefore, QL 1-7 = TL 1, and up from there.

This makes the minimum QL to use Cryozine QL24, Ioplasma QL48, Magmex QL72, and Vulcanite QL144.

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