Types of VehiclesEdit

Vehicles in Hazeron can be divided into two distinct varieties.

Spawned VehiclesEdit

Spawned vehicles are always the same regardless of where they are made, these are occasionally redesigned by the Developers and the full range of spawn-able vehicles has not yet been included in the game, though they are visible on the Manufacture Screen.

They are all enter-able using the Action key (E) and some vehicles contain multiple seats.

These seats can contain Items, drop crates of items in the seats by dropping the item while seated in the vehicle. The manual suggests this method in order to hold enough crates in a Rocket Ship for your first Moon base.
To pick them up again, click the item with your hand while seated in the vehicle, your camera may clip inside the item while seated if it is large enough.

They can all be re-fueled and repaired by pressing the Request key (V) while on a city slab - as long as the City possess the correct resources and is friendly.

Most vehicles are fueled with Gasoline, however vacuum capable aircraft use Hydrogen.

They can also be re-fueled by selecting the Fuel Item as your hand tool (Scroll Wheel) while outside the car and clicking at the vehicle.

They can be repaired by selecting the correct tool and Using (Left Clicking) at the vehicle while exited from it.

Currently a Wrench is the best tool for manual repairs as it can fix all vehicles apart from the Sail Boat.

Design Studio SpacecraftEdit

These vehicles are referred to as Ships or Ports - more commonly Stations.

Nomenclature Edit

For the purpose of this page any of the Studio Designed vehicles will be referred to as Spacecraft, there are also a number of terms to more accurately define the function of a specific craft.

A Spacecraft which can move under its own power is known as a Ship.
Otherwise, a Spacecraft which possess only enough acceleration to hold station above a planet or moon is known a Port - or Station.
If they contain enough Wormhole Drives and Power Plants to successful enter a Wormhole they are referred to using the Star prefix E.g. Starship or Starport.
Otherwise, if they possess only Gravity Drives they are referred to with the Space prefix E.g. Spaceship or Spaceport.
Currently there is no use to adding Wormhole Drives to a Station, however it has been suggested they could be dragged into a wormhole by a Ship using a - to be added - Tractor beam .


Unlike Spawned vehicles Spacecraft are large, navigable structures which contain the elements of their various functions in separate rooms and components.

Also unlike Spawned vehicles, you my command Spacecraft via Orders - if they possess an NPC Crew - rather than controlling them directly.

Orders may be issued while inside a Spacecraft via the Spacecraft Orders window (Shift+F2) or by contacting the crew with the Communicator on the Crew or Fleet channels.
A Spacecraft may be controlled by an NPC Officer in place of a Player, who is capable of following a chain of Orders rather than a single order at a time.
Cargo and TreasuryEdit

They also possess an inventory and treasury of their own that is distinct from either Player or City funds.

This fund is accessed by officers of the vessel using the Governance (F12) screen. Currently it does not update the balance correctly apart from after trade actions.
Trade actions undertaken by a member of a Spacecraft's Chain of Command via the communicator while inside a Spacecraft will be delivered to the Spacecraft's Hold, not to a personal inventory .
Crew and SoldiersEdit

Spacecraft may contain Berths which may be assigned to NPCs or Players. NPCs need to be assigned a berth on a vessel to perform their functions, even if they never utilise the bed .

A Player with a berth on a vessel will respawn their in preference to any City binding they may have.
Damage and RepairsEdit

A Spacecraft may accumulate damage on its different segments, for purposes of repair it is the type of room rather than any specific room of a Vessel which need repairs. E.g. Repairs in a Weapon Bay will reduce all damage to the Vessel's Weapon Bays.

Components within a room may also require manual repairs, ensure at least one example of each placed ship component is accessible from navigable sections of the Vessel.

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